Social Media Management

With the rising importance of Social Media your presence is critical for the success of your brand. However, managing a variety of different accounts is time consuming, has a steep learning curve and requires a significant amount of your involvement.

Allow me to assist you with your Social Media Accounts so you can spend your time on other areas much more important to you.

What I can do for you

  • Optimization of your social media account
  • Profile evaluation and analysis
  • Development of an inclusive strategy that fits your business philosophy
  • Develop creative, original and high-quality content
  • Consistency of uploads
  • Posts scheduling
  • Hashtags research
  • Highlights optimization
  • Consulting on branding, audience and niche advertising
  • Assessment of Strategy Implementation
  • Ad Campaign advising and monitoring
  • Organic and consistent engagement (an average of 2 hours per week)

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube

Logo Design, Branding and Graphics

A logo is a key part of any brand’s identity, because it is the face of your brand. It gives customers the important first impression of the company and helps them understand what the products and services could be like.

As the company matures, it also changes and it’s always a question as to whether the logo needs to change along with it.

When should I update my logo?

The original looks dated. The original is too complicated. The original is hard to read. The brand wants to show its new focus.

How can I help?

I will create a strategy that works for you.

Brand strategies provide the blueprint upon which incredible logos can be built. Usually, a strategy will involve collaboration between clients and designers. Strategies are crucial because they provide direction. Without some proper up-front thinking and a solid brief, you’re always going to be on the back foot.


  • Facecam
  • Channel info buttons/panels
  • Typeface Logo
  • Offline Screen
  • Starting Screen
  • Lobby Screen
  • BRB Screen
  • Twitch Banner
  • Follower/Donation/Sub Alert images
  • Illustrated Mascot/Esports/Team Logo

Podcast & Album Cover Art

I design stand out podcast and album cover art for any major platform. Let’s create a high-end professional design that is worthy of your content. Before long you will see the final product and can get back to what you want to do..

More info coming soon.